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How Vision Becomes Reality

Our process starts with strong concepts and ends with realized ideas. We involve the client in each step of the creative process to unlock the full potential of every project.

Brief definition and programming


The client gives a brief with all the requirements needed to design the space. Dessiner analyzes the brief and works out a program according to the requirements of the brief. Dessiner sets up a contract and program for the client. The program details the different steps that will be followed to complete the project.




Research is done to get to know the history of the brand or product. The task is examined, deconstructed, analyzed and developed. A site visit is done to research the area its market. The premises is recorded and documented.

The client is presented with a visual strategy that reflects the research that has been done.




The design concept will be developed based on the visual strategy developed in the research stage of the creative process. The visual strategy will be developed in terms of:

  • The environment: material, colour, texture palette, signature elements and signage

  • The brand: appearance and format


A visual presentation will be done in the form of:

  • Reference material

  • Sketches

  • Samples

  • 3d visualisation

  • Autocad application




The design concept will be developed into a functional design while considering operational, budget and site constraints. At this stage it becomes clear how the conceptual ideas work within the space.

A visual presentation will indicate:

  •     Space planning and space provision relationships

  •     Design detailing of fixtures and fittings

  •     Furniture selection

  •     Interior articulation

  •     Samples of materials intended to be used

  •     Signage articulation

After the visual presentation has been approved the design will be developed to coordinate all components and design elements.




Based on the design development a set of technical drawings will be compiled. This will include working drawings, specifications and any other technical documentation needed to implement the design.

  •     General layout

  •     Ceiling and lighting layout

  •     Electrical layout

  •     Plumbing layout

  •     Floor finishes layout

  •     Shop fitting layout

  •     All elevations and sections

  •     Signage details

  •     Shop fronts

  •     All other relevant details required

These technical drawings will be provided in the form of a hard copy as well as in digital format. Sample boards will also be provided showing all the suggested finishes and fittings illustrated in the documentation.




This stage will include site meetings, inspection of builders’ work, and snagging.

Meetings are held with all the relevant project managers and contractors to ensure the design and details are clear. Inspections will be done of builders’ work to ensure that no problems are encountered. If a problem occurs Dessiner will attend to the issue and attempt to resolve it in an appropriate way.

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