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Private Residence - Southern Africa

This high-end southern African residence draws inspiration from the continent's warm climate, aiming to create a cool and inviting oasis amidst the African heat. The cool white base serves as a canvas for the design, reflecting sunlight and maintaining a refreshing ambiance. Touches of blues are strategically incorporated to evoke a sense of tranquility, mirroring the vast African skies and the surrounding oceans. The contemporary design features luxurious marble and glass elements, symbolizing modernity and opulence, while the soft finishes throughout emphasize comfort and livability. By harmonizing cool aesthetics with warm weather adaptability, this residence offers an exclusive and relaxing haven for its inhabitants to escape and enjoy the natural beauty of the African continent.

Main Bed V2
stairs and passage
Guest Bed
Dressing room
Boy 17yr
Kitchen v1
Kitchen v2
Dining room and Lounge v1
Tv Lounge v2
formal lounge


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